Global Cultural Symposium at Urantia Foundation

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By Marta Elders, associate trustee, Urantia Foundation, Connecticut, United States

Editor’s Note: Claire Mylanus, chair of the symposium, Marta Elders, and Marilynn Kulieke have been planning this gathering over the past few years in order to support the international efforts of Urantia Foundation. We are grateful for the time and energy of the participants for bringing to life this momentous occasion!

The Education Committee of Urantia Foundation is pleased to announce a cultural symposium to be held at the Foundation from April 11 to 15.

Men and women from different countries will gather to share their research, personal perspectives, and unique understanding of their native culture and environment.

The purpose of the symposium is to help the trustees and staff of Urantia Foundation to better understand and appreciate the opportunities—and the challenges—for advancing the teachings of The Urantia Book and making the book itself available in their native countries.

Each participant has been invited to give a presentation about cultural aspects such as spiritual beliefs, religion, the political climate, the status of women and the family, educational opportunities, art, and philosophy. Participants will focus on the following topics, each of which has been illuminated and guided by quotes from The Urantia Book.

Religious Development

• Modern religion

• Prevailing belief system

• Attitudes toward religion and spirituality

• Organized and nondenominational religions and other spiritual beliefs

• Personal religion

Current, Past, and Future Culture

• Evolution of culture

• The importance of the family

• The value of women

• The status of education (science, philosophy, and religion)

• The importance of philosophy

• Use of leisure time

• Value of the arts

• Political nature of the country

• Languages spoken

Dissemination and Possible Advancement of The Urantia Book

• Possibilities in making The Urantia Book available and embraced

• Urantia Foundation support and service

• Group study options in the country

We are thrilled to host our brothers and sisters from other parts of the planet as they come together to share their experiences with the fifth epochal revelation and to more deeply discern its potential in the world.

This event will be live-streamed, so please consider joining us online. This is the link for the online streaming channel: Please mark your calendar!

All times listed below are Central Time (CT), USA:

12 April 9AM
Ade Awoyinka—Nigeria

12 April 11AM
Khatukhira Bernard—Uganda

12 April 2PM
Sandra Burga-Cisneros—Peru

12 April 4PM
Enrique Traver—Brazil

13 April 9AM
Nugroho Widi—Indonesia

13 April 11AM
Belen and Eugene Asidao—the Philippines

13 April 2PM
Mark Khoury—Lebanon

13 April 4PM
Mahtab Tehrani—Iran

14 April 9AM
Gabriel Rymberg—Israel

14 April 11AM
Line St-Pierre—Canada

14 April 2PM
Anton Miroshnichenko—Ukraine

14 April 3.45PM
Claire Mylanus—Europe

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