What The Urantia Book Means to Me - Khatukhira Bernard

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Khatukhira Bernard

By Khatukhira Bernard, Uganda

By the time I discovered The Urantia Book on my father’s bedside table in 1997, he had been a reader for 17 years. He told me that it was sent to him by a friend who discovered a booklet about it in Makerere University Library in 1980.

I started reading the book and became very interested in its message and teachings, which I thought were so informative, spiritually fulfilling, and nurturing. The book taught me a lot of things, both physical and spiritual.

The Urantia Book became personal to me as it helped me to learn and understand who I am, my purpose in this life, and my relationship with God and the entire universe. This revelation enabled me to be increasingly spiritually free and enlightened. It motivated me to recognize and use my free will in my daily association with my fellow beings, and it gave me new meaning and an in-depth understanding of God and the cosmos.

The book continues to guide me in understanding the working of the supernatural world and celestial beings and how everything fits into God’s master plan. With this knowledge and wisdom, I continue to acquire humility, kindness, self-awareness, love, and care for my fellows that guides me in my daily work. With such abundant providence from God, I have shared God’s love, goodness, and wisdom with my fellows at home, in my workplace, and with anyone I associate with. I found sharing the teachings of The Urantia Book so fulfilling and enlightening that I formed a study group where we periodically join in fellowship. Through this, and through the Urantia Book Internet School (UBIS), I have made many friends both here in Uganda and in the world at large.

With the knowledge of God ever evolving in me, I am now aware that I am not alone in the universe, that I am an ascending mortal with a destiny of perfection that is not even fully revealed—as described in Paper 31, section 3, “Glorified Mortals”—and that I will traverse the mansion worlds as my next step on the way to this destiny. This awareness makes me endeavor every day to be perfect, even as the heavenly Father is perfect, and this gives me a sense of belonging, knowing that I serve and delight in a perfect, loving, and caring supreme being.

The Urantia Book has taught me about the struggles of man throughout the ages and how superhuman personalities work to give guidance and provide us with the necessities of life—both spiritual and physical. If it were not for the book, I would not have known, in such depth, this nature and ways of these beings.

In summary, The Urantia Book is my guide to understanding God and his ways. It is my information center that bridges me to the celestial world. Above all, it helps me interpret and answer most of the mysteries about the world, the universe, and the celestial beings and how they work in unison in order to implement God’s master plan. For this, I thank the writers and upholders/guardians of the book for its existence.

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