The Revelation Bridge Endowment Fund—Securing the Future for The Urantia Book and Its Teachings

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Tamara Strumfeld

By Tamara Strumfeld, executive director, Urantia Foundation, Illinois, United States

The teachings of The Urantia Book have been instrumental in transforming the lives of many of its readers. Having received this gift, what could we consider more important than safeguarding the fifth epochal revelation into the future?

In 2014, an idea was conceived to combine and secure the offerings of all individuals who leave a planned gift to Urantia Foundation. We named it the Revelation Bridge because it will serve as the financial crosspiece from the present generation to future generations.

The exciting news is that the Revelation Bridge Endowment Fund was finally born in 2017, with approximately $1.3 million provided by four generous donors. For this, we are most grateful!

The bridge is vital since demographic studies show that the millennial and generation Z groups have little money saved and almost no discretionary income. Therefore it rests upon the silent generation and baby boomer generation to build this financial bridge until younger people become fiscally sustainable.

Harvard University has an endowment fund of $36.4 billion. If this university can acquire that level of endowment, what does the first epochal revelation in two thousand years deserve? The goal is to reach at least $25 million.

The intent for the Revelation Bridge is to ensure that The Urantia Book and its teachings continue to be distributed and disseminated to all the peoples of the world. This is the commitment made by Urantia Foundation in keeping with its trust. It is also a team effort that every individual who has benefited from these teachings can participate in.

“The security of civilization itself still rests on the growing willingness of one generation to invest in the welfare of the next and future generations.” 84:7.27 (941.8)

Please join us and consider leaving a planned gift for the Revelation Bridge Endowment Fund. For more information visit or contact Urantia Foundation at [email protected] or 773-525-3319. We would be glad to speak with you about the next steps in helping secure the future of the fifth epochal revelation.

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