Appreciating Sue Tennant

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Share Beasley
Sue Tennant
Sue Tennant

By Share Beasley, loving friend, Florida, United States

Editor’s Note: Sue Tennant joined the expanded board of trustees in January 2006. She served for two years, and we are all grateful for her service and contributions. Sue was also featured in the Foundation’s 2012 Annual Report. To read her story, click here.

Sunday morning, March 4, 2018, while in the country of Panama, Sue Tennant, a mortal heroine, met her destined rendezvous with our sweet Father in Heaven. While she slept, the physical heart attack gave no clue to the momentous rapture she surely felt.

How glorious this envisioned deluge of unconditional love coupled with expressions of pleased approval in her life’s work, as she surrendered her adoring soul to the embrace of her Thought Adjuster!

Sue, being no stranger to heartache or disappointment, led a courageously devoted life. Her amazing diversity went from climbing Mount Aconcagua, to indulgently hosting Urantia retreats, to zealously founding FreeSchools World Literacy (which started with one school and expanded to forty-six in impoverished pockets of several countries), and in between, endeavors too numerous to mention. Sue served tirelessly in every way her prayers led her, always with disregard for her own sake. She confided that one must be literate to read the fifth epochal revelation, The Urantia Book. Sue foresaw FreeSchools as being on par with the Red Cross a century or so from now.

At Urantia Foundation, Sue Tennant lent her talents as an associate trustee of the expanded board, a successful approach to gain wisdom and inclusiveness. Her loyalty to the Foundation never wavered, The Urantia Book always her compass to truth and spirituality.

Sue unequivocally loved her husband Derek, ever mindful and respectful of his devotion to the planet in his own way. She treasured their dear family, steadfast in her love and devotion. To her precious friends she heightened inspiration, had deep empathy, and gave loving assurance. “Dearest St. Sue” was my email salutation to her, over which her protest had no sway. Sue is an eternal lover of all her siblings, fellow children of the Supreme.

Sue Tennant left her mark on Urantia for generations to come, an ordained interfaith minister in fact and in deed.

Editor’s Note: The following prayer was composed by Share during the first Urantia retreat Sue hosted at her Silver Springs Retreat facility in Ontario, Canada in 2000. Share read it to the group at this gathering, “Adventures in Spiritual Living.” In passing along this prayer for publication, Share adds, “The inspired work of spiritual retreats continues to this day. How many of us have been and will be transformed by this unselfish work?”


Thank you, Father, for the beauty and symmetry in this universe of your making,

Where immortality awaits each treasured soul.

Here lonely souls are satiated with generous portions of your love, bathed and immersed until content.

Then embraced by swirls of angels, delighted to touch and behold one who has survived and overcome the pitfalls of rebellion.

The fulfillment of our deepest longings is your pleasure.

Our experience is your experience. We are interdependent.

The perfection in all the details of this wondrous life is yet to unfold in our appreciative hearts.

Our faith empowers us to gather the breadth of courage and depth of perspective to wisely guide our intent to do Your Will.

We actively join you in Your Will for truth, beauty, and goodness, the only true substance of eternity.

This journey, the Master Plan of adventure and joy, in and with you, is exquisite.

Your superb bounty of love, infectious in its perfection, IS . . . as it’s meant to be.

Eternal joy in fulfilling your faintest desire will one day be ours!!!

Thank you, Father, for your beauty and symmetry.

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