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John Strobel

By John Strobel, Illinois, United States

Have you ever donated to a charity only to find out later that the CEO is making millions, or they are spending a huge percentage on “marketing”? You may feel like your money was being wasted or spent on something other than the charity’s mission. Well, rest assured that your money donated to Urantia Foundation is wisely spent to spread The Urantia Book and its teachings around the world.

Hi, I’m John Strobel, and I’m sure you know my wife Joanne, who has been serving the Urantia Revelation for six years here in Chicago. Although I only pitch in where needed at 533, I have spent enough time there to know that every dollar donated is greatly appreciated, budgeted judiciously, and frugally managed. When discussing expenditures (whether it is buying new equipment or just replenishing the coffee supply), I have often heard staff admonishing one another to “Remember, this is donors’ money we are spending.” As a monthly donor myself, it has always made me feel good that my time and financial contributions are really respected.

Today, when many of us are reviewing our charitable contributions, you may be confident that your loving gifts to Urantia Foundation are treasured, valued, and wisely administered.

Joanne Strobel and John Strobel
Joanne Strobel and John Strobel

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