What Can the Emerging Philosophy of Living Do?

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By Jeff Wattles
Living in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness by Jeff Wattles
Living in Truth, Beauty,
and Goodness
by Jeff Wattles

By Jeff Wattles, Ohio, United States

Editor's Note: Jeff Wattles will be co-hosting "Teacher Training for Experiential Education in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness" with Gard Jameson, chairman of the Urantia Foundation Education Committee. This seminar will be held in Chicago from Thursday evening, November 9, to Sunday afternoon, November 12, 2017. Jeff and Gard are seeking participants who are interested in philosophy, personal growth, education, or wisdom in working with The Urantia Book. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jeff directly at [email protected].

What sublime goals are to be accomplished by promoting a religion, a philosophy, and a cosmology commensurate with man’s intellectual and cultural development? For an astonishing answer, see Urantia Foundation’s Declaration of Trust, Article II.

These three intellectual and cultural stimuli will bless the peoples of our world with the most high-leverage teachings of The Urantia Book—presented with evolutionary wisdom and in accordance with their capacity of receptivity.

Why is philosophy included along with religion and cosmology? Philosophy synthesizes religion and cosmology. Philosophy guides the interpretation of meanings and the development of concepts. The new and emerging philosophy features concepts of truth, beauty, and goodness as outlined at the end of Paper 2, so it will cultivate our thinking, feeling, and doing; guide us in unifying energy systems, idea systems, and spirit systems; enhance our health, sanity, and happiness; and help us become like God.

Thus the new philosophy is not only for personal growth. It contains a cosmic paradigm for education. Real education keeps us active on our growth frontier: “character acquired by enlightened experience.” 37:6.3 (412.3)

During the seminar, Gard and I will conduct a gathering of persons who will read and discuss my book, Living in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, probe selected teachings in The Urantia Book that underlie that book, and dare to venture into project-centered experiential education, following a method that has been tested with thousands of Kent State University students. For a summary of my book, go to https://sites.google.com/site/ubquestionsandstudies/.

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