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Fundraising Thermometer 2016

A handful of generous donors will contribute $250,000 if we can raise the same amount by December 31, 2016. This is a “must raise” because of this financially challenging year. We need the winter fundraising match to come in strong and move forward to greater service in 2017. This is an opportunity to double your donation, dollar for dollar, and to support one of the most important projects on earth.

Although we have reached significant milestones over the past years, much remains to be done. The text of The Urantia Book has been preserved inviolate, and its teachings have spread across diverse geographies and cultures. There are fourteen translations in print, sixteen at, and more on the way. You can find Urantia Books and study groups around the globe. But today’s resources are insufficient to meet the needs of an expanding international readership.

Please act now. Helping to seed the Urantia Revelation is one of the greatest gifts you can make to uplift our world. Please click here to donate: Thank you!

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