The Latin American Conference - The Teacher and the Student

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Olga López

By Olga López, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona, Spain

A Latin American Conference for readers of The Urantia Book was held from October 14 to 17, 2016, in the Hotel Lancaster House in Bogota, Colombia. Over 110 readers from the Americas and Europe came to participate in this conference, which was jointly sponsored by Urantia Association International, the Urantia Book Fellowship, and Urantia Foundation. This event was well organized by the Urantia Association of Colombia. My heartfelt thank-you goes out to all those who worked so diligently to make this event a great success!

The theme of this conference was “The Teacher and the Student,” Jesus being the teacher and the conference attendees being the students. There were more than fifteen presentations offered at the conference. A few of the titles were as follows: “The Development of Jesus’ Leadership in his Personal Ministry,” “The Life of Jesus Is an Example for Humanity,” “Jesus the Man,” “The Spirit of Truth,” “The Urmia Lectures,” “From Student to Teacher and Then to Student,” and quite a few more.

All the speakers helped us to increase our understanding of the Master and his teachings. The presenters came from many different countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, the United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela. And there were more countries represented among the attendees including Bolivia, Canada, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Spain, and others.

At the conference, there were also opportunities for many Latin American leaders to meet and discuss how to work together in order to spread the Urantia Revelation in the region. Many insights emerged, and I am sure they will bear much fruit.

The Colombian organizers offered the attendees many opportunities to socialize and to enjoy the Colombian culture, including popular dance and music, and a visit to an impressive salt mine in Zipaquira (near Bogota) which has a cathedral inside it. These social events—and the conversations held before and after the conference activities—are what make Urantia gatherings so enjoyable and unforgettable.

Personally, I would like to say that the organizers and attendees made me feel at home and among old friends. The good atmosphere is a constant feature of Urantia gatherings, but this time was special. Not only because the main language at the conference was Spanish—my mother tongue—but also because Latin American readers are especially open and loving people, with an enormous and contagious enthusiasm for the fifth epochal revelation. It is enriching indeed to see the different ways that readers of The Urantia Book from around the world share their living of the teachings.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be there and to have shared with all those beautiful souls! I am looking forward to the next Latin American conference.

Latin American Conference 2016
Urantia Latin American Conference 2016

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