CosmicCreations—An Outreach Effort

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Rick Lyon

By Rick Lyon, Indiana, United States

In the spring of 2015, I launched a new outreach effort/business venture to serve the Urantia Book reader community. CosmicCreations is an online store specializing in Urantia-related items displaying, with permission, the concentric circles symbol. CosmicCreations is not affiliated with any reader organization, but it is committed to serving and supporting all readers of the fifth epochal revelation around the world.

The purpose of this online store is threefold. First, by displaying the concentric circles symbol, you may invite curious people to ask: “What is “Urantia?” or “What do the circles represent?” Perhaps this will open doors for you to share the teachings of The Urantia Book with someone new.

Second, you may find like-minded individuals around you that you might not have met before. Perhaps you would have passed by each other, never realizing the presence of a kindred spirit. When they see your T-shirt, polo shirt, hat, or necklace with the concentric circles, they will immediately recognize you as a “reader.” Perhaps this will lead to friendships and eventually to the forming of a study group in your area.

And, third, each time you use your Urantia coffee mug, your luggage tag at the airport, or your keychain when you drive to work, you will be reminded that you are part of the most important project on the planet today. You will be reminded daily that (in the words of the Publication Mandate) “you are participating in the birth of a new age of religion on this world.”

CosmicCreations has been well received, and many positive comments have been posted on the website, eBay, and Facebook. Susan Grzeskowiak, the artist and designer of products, and I are pleased to report that we are making contact with many readers unknown to us before; some of them have never contacted other readers or attended an event.

A representative of CosmicCreations has been present at several gatherings of Urantia Book readers: an event for readers of the book in Alabama; a Urantia Association International conference in Canada; a regional conference sponsored by the Orvonton Society of the Fellowship in Indianapolis; and in San Antonio at a conference sponsored jointly by Urantia Association United States, the Urantia Book Fellowship, and Urantia Foundation in June 2016. We shall be present at future conferences and hope that you will stop by our booth.

In the meantime, visit our store at Our products are also available through eBay.

CosmicCreations booth
CosmicCreations booth
Rick Lyon, Susan Grzeskowiak
Rick Lyon, Susan Grzeskowiak

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