How The Urantia Book Inspires Giving

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William Cooper
William Cooper
William Cooper
Kaye Cooper
Kaye Cooper

By William Cooper, Texas, United States

At Christmastime in 1970, my mother spent a few days with us in Dallas, Texas. She gave The Urantia Book to me because she was impressed with it. For the next several months, I would read some about the nature of God and then some in the Jesus papers. I would read to my wife, Kaye, and ask her: Could this be true? Could God and Jesus really be this wonderful? Tears of joy often ran down my cheeks (and into my smile) as I contemplated what was said about them. Since then, Kaye and I have come to trust the book as being spiritually true. I believe we would continue to feel this way even if we found it to be inaccurate as to scientific fact.

From very early in our exposure to The Urantia Book, Kaye and I have had a special interest in using the lessons that the book has taught us to optimize our relationship with God, Michael, the Holy Spirit, and our celestial family.

Much has changed for the better since I started reading the book. In 1972, there was official opposition to anything that brought public attention to the book. There was even resistance to translating it into other languages. Today, there is enthusiasm for translations and for projects involving public exposure of the book and its teachings. What a wonderful time to be living on Urantia—seeing these new and miraculous events unfold and participating in the awesome undertaking of the celestials in correcting the course of this planet by applying the teachings of The Urantia Book!

It is a good time to join our celestial family in this effort. There are many things we can do. There are already a score of activities and organizations working to promote Urantia Book principles on the planet. They need volunteers, and they need funds to cover necessities that volunteering does not cover. Coordinating actions around a cause people believe in can result in their making small financial contributions and becoming active in small armies of volunteers. There can be many positive effects from this approach to disseminating the teachings.

Lately, I am trying to encourage, with words and funds, those worthwhile Urantia Book activities that I discover. I look for activities with which I have substantial agreement, but I do not demand agreement on every detail. We have a wonderful opportunity. I pray that neither you nor I will insist on putting our time, efforts, and money into our social or financial success while wasting the opportunity to participate right now in our celestial family’s adventure of reclaiming this planet. I want my little piece of that action, and I want you to have yours too. There is adventure to be had now by giving regularly of service and financial assistance. Contributions do not have to be large to have a huge effect—provided there are enough of them.

So grab hold, and hang on. It is a cosmic ride, but the price of the ticket is modest.

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