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2016 Joint Conference―Time Dwindles and Planning Intensifies

David Kulieke
David Kulieke
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2016 Joint Conference―Time Dwindles and Planning Intensifies

By David Kulieke, Illinois, United States

Once again Urantia Foundation is helping to financially support an important event for readers of The Urantia Book. This event is a jointly sponsored conference and Summer Study Session of the Urantia Association United States and the Urantia Book Fellowship in San Antonio, Texas. The organizing entities are the Lone Star Urantia Association (LSUA) and the Education Committee of the Fellowship. The conference begins on Thursday evening, June 9, and concludes at noon on Sunday, June 12. The theme is, "Jesus, the Master Teacher."

The summer conference is gaining momentum! As of March 9, three months before the conference, the total registration was 139. If you have not yet registered, please do so at There is still plenty of time to be a part of what promises to be a warm and spiritual gathering of reunion and education.

Katrina Glavan-Heise of LSUA is the overall head of the details, registration, and logistics for the conference. She wants people to know that there is scholarship money for individuals who reside outside of the United States or who are 22 years of age and younger. To apply for one, please do so during the registration process.

Conference attendees wishing to rent a vehicle may use the specific BUDGET CUSTOMER DISCOUNT (BCD) number of U001963 when they call Budget at 1-800-842-5628 to make a reservation. The BCD is effective from seven days prior to the event until seven days after. The BCD number will automatically be placed in the reservation detail when used with this hyperlink:

Budget Discount for Lone Star Urantia Association 2016.

Sherry Layton of the Fellowship Education Committee is chair of the Program Committee, which also includes David Glass, David Linthicum, and Neda Tehrani. She announced that there remain several applications to either present a plenary or give a workshop. Highlights for the conference will be announced soon, including the main talks. Sherry said, "A fuller program will be developed that encapsulates all activities, from Tuesday through Sunday."

The first plenary will begin Thursday evening, and the conference will include presentations by dedicated readers of The Urantia Book and special events Saturday night . Before each plenary, there will be prayers of dedication along with inspirational videos and music.

Katrina and Sherry are also looking for IT experts for various needs at the conference.

There is a number of non-conference events planned before and after the conference itself. Bobbie Dreier and Gard Jameson will host a pre-conference retreat from Tuesday evening until Thursday noon, as they have done before several Summer Study Sessions. Spots for this event are nearly filled. The Council of Presidents of the UAI will host a meeting, as will the Fellowship's General Council (after the conference). During the day on Thursday, the Fellowship Membership Committee will host a gathering that will include a Society Conclave. The education committees of the Fellowship, Foundation, and the UAI plan to meet again, on Thursday afternoon, in joint session. More details will follow.

Everyone involved with this joint conference is looking forward to enjoying a convivial and spirit-filled study of "Jesus, the Master Teacher" with other readers of The Urantia Book!