A Cooperative Venture at the Chicago Lit Fest

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David Kulieke

By David Kulieke, Illinois, United States

Another cooperative venture of readers of The Urantia Book from different Urantia organizations highlighted Chicago-area activities during June. After many years of hosting booths and presenting The Urantia Book at gatherings, such as the Mind, Body, Spirit Expos, Chicago-area readers tried a new venue, the venerable Printers Row Book Fair, which this year was called the Lit Fest.

This large, two-day, outdoor affair stretched over several blocks in the south Chicago Loop. June 6 was sunny and spring like; June 7 was stormy then clear. Small and large bookstores, publishers, and organizations, which publish a main title or represent a special interest or religious group, worked hundreds of tables.

Urantia Foundation and the Urantia Book Fellowship, represented by Chicago's First Society for readers of The Urantia Book, shared a booth under part of a tent. One objective of trying this venue was to try to create more sustained interest in the book. At Expos, books have sold briskly, and workers have enjoyed discussing the teachings and other spiritual ideas with numerous visitors. However, recently these interactions have generated little interest in participating in local Urantia Book activities, despite extensive follow-up efforts on the part of First Society.

The readers who worked in the booth had mixed opinions on the results of attending the Lit Fest. Only fourteen books were sold, and one worker wondered if being just one of several hundred booths selling books made it difficult to stand out.

The workers at the Foundation-Fellowship booth included the following: Paul Anderson, Emily Deam, Daniel Glazer, John Hales, Ken Keyser, David Kulieke, Marilynn Kulieke, George Philosophos, Mo Seigel, and Joanne Strobel.

Notwithstanding modest sales and interest, the workers appreciated the positive interaction with visitors. Mo commented, "To me it felt reasonably successful considering that it's our first year, that the weather was iffy, and that it generally takes multiple exposures before someone buys a Urantia Book." Emily added, "Glad to have been a part of a new attempt to reach others with this good word."

A highlight was the friendships that we made with the workers of an adjacent exhibitor, an American Buddhist group focused on service.

And, once again, the event underscored the delight that readers from various organizations experience when working together to spread the teachings of The Urantia Book.

John Hales and Daniel Glazer at the Printers Row Book Fair, Chicago
John Hales and Daniel Glazer at the Printers Row Book Fair, Chicago

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