The Urantia Book Fellowship Summer Study Session 2015

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By Bobbie Dreier, New Jersey, United States

Location: Techny Towers, Northbook, Illinois, July 9–12

Join with fellow readers of The Urantia Book this summer as we explore “Our Relationship with God the Father.” With a focus on Papers 1–5, the Education Committee is initiating a journey through the major themes in The Urantia Book. The conference committee is planning a variety of experiences, including workshops for new readers, in-depth study, experiential workshops, and advanced studies. In addition to the study program, there will be opportunities to participate in worshipful meditation and to enjoy renewing old friendships and making new ones.

Although readers go to the Fellowship’s Summer Study Session for a variety of reasons, a major incentive for attending is the high quality of the workshops. The conference team is requesting workshop proposals appropriate for new readers as well as in-depth study for “veterans.” There will be a track for workshops which are primarily experiential, but all workshop leaders should plan to engage participants actively. If you have an idea for a workshop on this summer’s theme, please request a Workshop Proposal Form from David Kulieke at [email protected].

A preconference retreat, “Creating Circles of Trust,” will be held from July 7 to July 9.

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