Urantia Foundation’s Year-End Fundraising Match

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Distributing The Urantia Book in Colombia, South America, is one tough job. We sell the books to distributors for less than $10 a book, but by the time someone can actually purchase one, it costs between $40 and $80. It is heartbreaking to know that a person with one fifth of the average income of a US citizen either pays three to six times more per book or cannot buy one at all.

In enters Wilson León and the Colombian Association of Urantia Association International who, in cooperation with Urantia Foundation, took matters into their own hands. They raised money, jumped through governmental hoops to obtain an import license, ordered several hundred libros de Urantia, attended a book fair, and have been distributing the book at dramatically lower prices. An almost identical story is playing out in Ukraine, thanks to Anton Miroshnichenko and the Association of Ukraine. People around the world are so inspired by this life-changing book that they use their limited time and resources to spread its teachings. Urantia Foundation is there to assist them.

We are reaching out to you because we know that you too are inspired by the teachings of The Urantia Book. We know that you understand the potential of this revelation to transform the spiritual culture of our planet. With 16 translations requiring distribution in more than 37 countries, we have a great opportunity to catalyze this spiritual transformation by making these teachings available to future generations. Help Urantia Foundation be there to assist them.

If the Foundation can raise $160,000 between now and December 31, 2014, a group of anonymous donors will match it. Your dollars will go twice as far. Please help us reach this goal and keep global book distribution going.

We are ever mindful of your contributions to, and support of, Urantia Foundation. Without you, the Foundation’s efforts would not be possible. Whether it is making the books more affordable in South America, increasing distribution in Russia, expanding book availability in Africa, or simply filling orders with Amazon, Urantia Foundation needs your help.

We thank you in advance for your ongoing commitment to the Urantia Book project and your financial support of Urantia Foundation!

Upward and inward,

Gard Jameson, Richard Keeler, Marilynn Kulieke, Georges Michelson-Dupont, Henk Mylanus, Mo Siegel, Judy Van Cleave

Trustees of Urantia Foundation

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Mo Siegel, Marilynn Kulieke, Judy Van Cleave, Richard Keeler, Gard Jameson, Henk Mylanus, Georges Michelson-Dupont
Mo Siegel, Marilynn Kulieke, Judy Van Cleave, Richard Keeler, Gard Jameson, Henk Mylanus, Georges Michelson-Dupont

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