A Dream Come True: Experiencing Urantia Foundation and the Study Group Symposium

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Cesar Paulo Zapello

By Cesar Paulo Zapello, president, Urantia Association of Brazil, and Marcia Regina dos Santos, vice president, Urantia Association of Brazil.

In July, Marcia and I traveled to the United States and experienced a dream come true. We visited Urantia Foundation in Chicago for several days and attended the Study Group Symposium hosted by Urantia Association International (UAI).

While at the Foundation, we participated in a meeting of the Education Committees of the UAI, The Urantia Book Fellowship, and Urantia Foundation. All were united in a common goal which is to develop tools and resources that provide support to individuals studying the teachings of The Urantia Book and to promote the discovery of meanings and higher values that will result in transformation―intellectually, morally, and spiritually―by encouraging individuals to grow with God and to grow with well-balanced personalities.

We also participated in a study group in the same room where the Forum used to meet before the publication of The Urantia Book. We were able to stream the study group live to Brazil and other Latin American countries. What a wonderful experience!

Next was another remarkable experience―the Study Group Symposium at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin. The setting was lovely with a chapel for morning meditation, a wooded area, a lake, and a courtyard. The symposium was well organized with excellent plenaries and workshops. The tools we learned and the experiences we had at the Foundation and the symposium will help us to better serve the readership community in Brazil.

To everyone we met, thank you. You made us feel completely at home. We send you our love and affection. You are immortalized in our hearts and minds.

Cesar Paulo Zapello and Marcia Regina dos Santos
Cesar Paulo Zapello and Marcia Regina dos Santos

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