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Gard Jameson

By Gard Jameson, trustee, Urantia Foundation, Boulder City, Nevada, United States

Editor’s Note: Since the time of this meeting, much progress has been made concerning the governance of the study group directory. The next issue of Urantia Foundation’s News Online will have an article detailing such progress. If any of you have a study group or attend one that is not yet listed in the directory, please consider doing so at

During the Urantia Book Fellowship’s Summer Study Session at Techny Towers this July, there was a meeting of presidents: Chris Wood of Urantia Association International, Lila Dogim of the Urantia Book Fellowship, and Mo Siegel of Urantia Foundation. The primary topic of conversation was the Urantia Book Study Group Directory by which current students and would-be students of the book find their way to a study group.

At present there are a variety of ways in which a person can obtain information about study groups. The three presidents agreed to have one study group directory by which individuals could find a study group. There are details to be worked out in the development of such a unified directory, and they are being worked on by a team of individuals representing all three organizations: Bill Beasley, Scott Brooks, Barry Clark, Jackie Koury, and Tamara Strumfeld.

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