A Seminar on the Truths of Spiritual Experience

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Jeff Wattles

By Jeff Wattles, Stow, Ohio, USA

A seminar on the truths of spiritual experience will be conducted by Jeff Wattles and held at Urantia Foundation headquarters in Chicago, beginning on Thursday evening, May 30, and ending at noon on Sunday, June 2, 2013.

Participants will be presented with an approach to education based on two statements from The Urantia Book:

"On the mansion worlds . . . schools are organized in three general groups . . .the schools of thinking, the schools of feeling, and the schools of doing." (551.1) 48:5.6

"The religious challenge of this age is to those farseeing and forward-looking men and women of spiritual insight who will dare to construct a new and appealing philosophy of living out of the enlarged and exquisitely integrated modern concepts of cosmic truth, universe beauty, and divine goodness." (43.3) 2:7.10

This "new and appealing philosophy of living" provides a pattern for education that fits the pattern for education in the schools on the mansion worlds. Thinking strives for truth; feeling rejoices in beauty; and doing can actualize goodness. The truths of spiritual experience include the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, the joy and liberty of the sons and daughters of God, and the truths of the golden rule.

If you are interested in attending the seminar, contact Jeff ([email protected]). Participants will

  1. select one or more truths of spiritual experience;
  2. study these truths in The Urantia Book;
  3. savor and internalize them for at least six weeks; and then
  4. design a five-minute, presentation to express a bite-sized "something" of that truth.

During the seminar we will study The Urantia Book, hear presentations from each other, address difficulties, and support our growing effectiveness.

If you cannot attend the seminar, you can listen to podcasts of a two-month course on the philosophy of living, a course that Jeff will be giving at Kent State University, beginning March 7. For additional information, visit https://sites.google.com/a/kent.edu/study-grow-construct-proclaim-share/.

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