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Joint Meeting of The Urantia Book Fellowship and Urantia Foundation

Mo Siegel & Lila Dogim
Mo Siegel and Lila Dogim
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Joint Meeting of The Urantia Book Fellowship and Urantia Foundation

Mo Siegel and Lila DogimBy Lila Dogim, president, The Urantia Book Fellowship, Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA, and Mo Siegel, president, Urantia Foundation, Boulder, Colorado, USA

On Monday, October 22, 2012, representatives of The Urantia Book Fellowship and Urantia Foundation held a joint meeting designed to foster mutual appreciation and understanding and to explore possibilities for increased inter-organizational cooperative activities in the areas of Urantia Book sales and distribution. The gathering of fourteen individuals included the presidents, vice-presidents and executive directors of both organizations.

An atmosphere of goodwill pervaded the six-hour meeting during which the participants shared viewpoints and concerns on various matters connected with advancing the study and dissemination of The Urantia Book in the world. Those participating in the meeting held themselves to the high standards of understanding, love, and forgiveness.

Urantia Foundation and The Urantia Book Fellowship currently engage in a number of cooperative activities, including sponsoring the development of the Standard Reference Text and distributing translations of The Urantia Book through the Pipeline of Light program. As a result of this meeting, both organizations are actively exploring opportunities for joint service. Participants left the meeting encouraged that both human and organizational problems can be solved in the spirit of cooperation.