What The Urantia Book Means to Me By Angela Thurston

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Angela ThurstonBy Angela Thurston, Brooklyn, New York, USA

These few words just begin to describe:

Insight into the purpose of my existence, which begins and ends with love.

Inspiration to set ever higher spiritual goals and to take failures as the most valuable cosmic lessons.

Appreciation for the beautiful, challenging, lovingly-designed and clumsily-evolving world around me and the remarkable sojourners who call it home.

Encouragement to seek loving relationships with my brothers and sisters, through whom I find God.

Freedom from any dogma that would ask me to judge these brothers and sisters or myself.

Responsibility to act, to serve, to lead by example—to put the words of revelation into the deeds of a new era of spiritual growth.

Empowerment to take risks in a loving universe, knowing I am cradled by a cosmos in which I can only fall deeper into discovery.

Permission to enjoy existing, to participate in the humor, the creativity, the delight, the confusion, and the moments of extraordinary grace.

Opportunity to bridge gaps in dialogue among religion, science, and philosophy across existing cultures and creeds.

Faith that God has put his faith in me to journey ever closer to him.

Comfort that I have a legion of cosmic cheerleaders every step of the way.

Anticipation of a bright, eternal future in which we all, in our magnificent uniqueness, say together: It is our will that your will be done.

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