A Summer Urantia Book Conference in Berlin

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Michael MacIsaac

By Michael MacIsaac, Nacka, Sweden

“An inspiring experience” is my description of the July Urantia conference in Berlin. It makes me look forward to more international conferences in Europe. “Spiritual growth is mutually stimulated by intimate association with other religionists,” (1094.2) 100:0.2 and I always find these gatherings of fifth epochal faithers to have special, joyous, fraternal and motivating qualities. Special thanks go to "CT" and Esa Irri who helped organize this wonderful event!

The conference took place at a large, relaxed and friendly hostel in the heart of Berlin just minutes from dozens of the city’s top tourist attractions. About forty people attended the conference including a few new readers. A surprising number of readers from the US made the trip, and others travelled from various parts of Europe: England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, and Sweden. Some of the Spanish-speaking attendants, who are living in Europe, were originally from South America. All age groups were represented―from college-age students in their twenties to a few of Europe’s first readers who found The Urantia Book in the 1960s. This was the first time I’ve attended a conference where readers under the age of forty were in the majority. This is encouraging since fewer than 10% of conference attendees have been younger readers in recent decades. It helped that the conference was inexpensive. In addition, thanks to scholarship support from the Urantia Book Fellowship’s Youth and Young Adult Committee (YaYa), three young enthusiasts were able to join us.

“Living Faith” was the theme of the conference, which included numerous short and inspiring talks as well as study and discussion groups. We also enjoyed beautiful music, sightseeing, delicious meals at local eateries, time for socializing and bonding, and a viewing of Richard Jernigan’s documentary A Feast of Uncertainty. It seemed as though all the attendees felt that the conference was a rewarding experience, and they all hope that conferences in Europe will continue.

To all who participated and contributed to this event, thank you again. I look forward to seeing you and many others at future gatherings and conferences! 

Summer Urantia Book Conference in Berlin 2012
Summer Urantia Book Conference in Berlin 2012

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