The Book's Perfection

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John StrobelBy John Strobel, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Although my wife, Joanne, read The Urantia Book for many years, I did not start reading it until after the visit of a good friend who had a barrage of questions to ask Joanne about the book. It was Joanne’s thoughtful answers to those questions that intrigued me and finally sparked my interest to read it. First, I read Part IV, the Life and Teachings of Jesus. Then I read the papers about Adam and Eve. I still have not read all the papers.

What struck me immediately was the book’s perfection; I had no doubt as to its authenticity. While I had found that much of the Bible was interpreted (many scholars have spent their entire life studying and interpreting just a few books of the Bible), The Urantia Book was in plain English.

The more I read it, the greater is my appreciation and desire to continue reading it. I have found that the study group I attend has been a wonderful help in unlocking the treasures of the teachings of The Urantia Book.

What means most to me is reading The Urantia Book with Joanne and sharing this experience with her. I’m sure she must have prayed many times that I would become interested in the book and that I would finally come around.

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