Urantia Book Readers Study Together This Summer

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Marilynn Kulieke

By Marilynn Kulieke, Secretary, Urantia Foundation, Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA

What a great summer for studying The Urantia Book! In mid-July, Urantia Association International sponsored a Leadership Symposium in Techny, Illinois. At the end of July, The Urantia Book Fellowship held their international conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The theme of the Leadership Symposium was “Building Community― One Study Group at a Time." The four day conference included morning plenaries, large group presentations, and afternoon workshops where the same group members worked together for the entire conference. Pato Banton performed on Thursday evening, and a musical concert was given by Robert Solone and Cristina Seaborn on Saturday evening. The conference concluded with a moving worship time featuring music, singing, and the reading of one of Jesus’ sermons from The Urantia Book.

Urantia Foundation hosted two evening tours during the Leadership Symposium. Participants had the opportunity to visit with the Trustees and to learn about 533 W Diversey Parkway in Chicago, which has been home to Urantia Foundation for more than fifty years.

The theme of The Urantia Book Fellowship’s conference was, “The Revelation in Action.” A morning plenary with music, worship, and inspirational speakers started each day with the exception of Friday which was a free day. A variety of afternoon workshops were provided for participants. Saturday night’s dinner was an outside barbeque picnic with comedy and music. Some attendees dressed as their favorite Urantia Book characters.

A panel discussion entitled, “The Urantia Leadership Speaks with Us about Their Work Together,” was facilitated by Bob Arkens from Clintonville, Wisconsin. Members of The Urantia Book Fellowship, Urantia Association International, and Urantia Foundation had an opportunity to share their work, to speak with participants, to answer questions, and to seek new ways to work together in the future.

Overall, it was a great summer for study and furthering the Urantia Revelation throughout the world.

Urantia Book Leadership Symposium 2011
Urantia Book Leadership Symposium 2011

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