The Age of Wonder

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Mo Siegel
Light from the center of our superuniverse. From the Hubble – the center of the Milky Way
Light from the center of our superuniverse
From the Hubble – the center of the Milky Way

By Mo Siegel, President, Urantia Foundation, Boulder, Colorado, USA

The clock read 11 pm, yet my brain and eyes said "wide awake." I had to be at work early the next morning, so the best way to fall asleep was either to read or watch the science channel. So on went the TV to the science channel featuring an hour-long show explaining the history and destiny of galaxies.

There, in 3D and high definition, were brightly colored photos from the Hubble telescope: red star clouds, swirling blue and green nebulae, and a vast array of galaxies portraying an enormously large universe previously unimagined by our starry-eyed ancestors.

For 45 minutes I lay in bed watching, mesmerized by the beauty and promise of the heavens. Then a panoramic infrared photo of the Milky Way galaxy appeared, showing a thick cluster of countless stars. At the center of the galaxy was a brilliant zone of light that can possibly be explained as the luminosity emanating from masses of suns in close proximity to the headquarter worlds of Orvonton, our superuniverse. As I watched I felt in awe of the grandeur of the Divine Creator.

Then the shoe of disaster dropped. The show's narrator described the "certain and inevitable" destruction of the Milky Way galaxy when it someday collides with the Andromeda galaxy. He explained that life in this part of the universe would come to a fiery end.

At that point I turned off the TV and thought about the overcontrol of the Seven Master Spirits who are, in an overly simplified but easily conceptualized way, the embodiment of the seven superuniverses. There is no way the Master Spirits would let that grim destruction happen. Then I pictured 100,000 Creative Mother Spirits in our superuniverse lovingly and actively protecting the worlds within the boundaries of their beings. I smiled inside knowing, from information gleaned from The Urantia Book, that the Milky Way galaxy and all its inhabitants are safe and secure. What the astronomers did not factor in was the truth that the universe is lovingly governed by the Paradise Father and the well-nigh infinite heavenly hosts. "In God, we move, live, and have our being." Instead of a collision between two galaxies that would destroy life in the Milky Way, we head into a distant time when the Supreme Being will become fully manifest, and unification, not destruction, will be the destiny of this universe age. With these certainties in mind, off went the lights and I fell asleep.

We live in an age of wonder, and nothing is more wonderful than the enlightened teachings of The Urantia Book. In 2015 the new, super-powerful Webb telescope will replace the Hubble. What wonders will the Webb telescope reveal that will dazzle our imagination? And how shall we understand such wonders? I venture to say that understanding lies within the pages of The Urantia Book. The spiritual vision the revelators portray dissolves our fear of the unknown and replaces it with faith in a friendly and purposeful God-centered universe.

We are so blessed to be the early pioneers of the fifth epochal revelation. Thank God for The Urantia Book!

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