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Luiz Carlos Dolabella Chagas

By Luiz Carlos Dolabella Chagas, Brazil

Luiz, why did you translate The Urantia Book into Portuguese?

In 1993, I, Luiz Carlos Dolabella Chagas, found The Urantia Book. The copy I had was in English. I was immediately impressed with its level of profound depth and fell in love with its teachings. I began to translate the papers that I considered most interesting and useful. Among them were the Thought Adjuster papers.

In December 1994, I wrote a letter of introduction to Urantia Foundation. The following April, Richard Keeler invited me to attend a conference of Urantia Book readers in Nashville, Tennessee, and to meet the Trustees. In 1996, Richard and Georges Michelson-Dupont came to São Paulo and met a group of 50 people that gathered at my home. It was then that I was invited to translate The Urantia Book into Portuguese.

Susana Hutner helped me with the revision of my work, and in 2007 the fruit of our labor resulted in the publication of O Livro de Urântia.

Why do you believe that the translation is important for the Portuguese-speaking people?

I am familiar with the versatility and open-mindedness of the Portuguese-speaking people, and I knew they would see the truths in the Urantia Revelation. And indeed, this has been so.

What are your hopes for The Urantia Book in Portuguese-speaking areas?

Our hopes are that The Urantia Book is adopted by individuals all over the world. The teachings of this book will help bring us closer to God. “…when an ascending mortal personality finally attunes to the divine leading of the indwelling Adjuster, then has the actuality of the Supreme become real by one more degree in the universes, then has the divinity of Supremacy advanced one more step toward cosmic realization. (1278.3) 117:0.3.

How has the The Urantia Book been received in Brazil and Portugual?

O Livro de Urântia was very popular even before its printing. Great demand for the book in both countries continues, and we are all pleased that it is the third most popular translation next to English and Spanish.

Would you tell us something about yourself, Luiz?

My career has been in engineering. I have written four novels, three of which were published. In addition to translating The Urantia Book into Portuguese, I have written three secondary works about The Urantia Book. Currently I am entirely dedicated to the spiritual work related to The Urantia Book.

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