Comments from Readers of The Urantia Book

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For many years I searched high and low for the truth. My mother gave me The Urantia Book, and one day I opened it to a random page that discussed a particular question I had been wrestling with. I was very excited because the answer made logical sense. Although I remained skeptical about its origin, I decided to read it as a fiction book to see if I could gain a few pearls of wisdom. Soon I could not put it down, and I ravenously devoured every word. I kept looking for the part that did not make sense, but I never found it!

The Urantia Book means everything to me! It has changed my life. I had a very dreary outlook on life and not much hope for the future. Now life has meaning. Knowing that there is a God who lives this life with me, in fact in me, is comfort beyond expression! Knowing the truth about what Jesus went through gives me an inner strength that could not come from any worldly source. I owe everything to this revelation, and my greatest desire is to share it with others. Truth is truth, and when you hear it, it rings so deep within your being that its source is entirely irrelevant. Thank you Foundation. I am at your service.

Mahalo and Aloha.

~ Mike B, Hawaii, USA

In this world the The Urantia Book reveals that we are a human family and sons of God. By doing God's will we can hope for future worlds through loving service. The liberating truth of The Urantia Book is life-enhancing and all encompassing inspiration that points the direction to the Universal Father.

~ Brad R, California, USA

The book "Urantia" has answered questions that I thought I would never know. This is wonderful and so full of good news. Yes, I have believed in GOD and his son since I first had a thought process. Now, it has answered questions that I wanted answers to, and know in my heart are right. What wonderful times we will have in the after life.

~ Marlina B, California, USA

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