UBIS News: A New Website, an Expanded Curriculum, and the Challenge Ahead

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By Dorothy Elder, Chair of the Board of Directors of UBIS, California, USA.

I begin this article with a quote from Urantia Foundation's website,

"Delivering this revelation to souls in need of its spiritual message, without invasive promotion, churchification, or evangelization is the challenge that faces us. Plans are underway to increase the number of language translations to sixty by the year 2030 and to provide worldwide distribution channels. By then approximately eighty-four percent of the people on the planet will be able to read The Urantia Book in their native tongue...."

Think of that! Think of what this will mean and bring to our world in just two decades! The growth in the readership during the next twenty years will be increasing rapidly, and as a result, each new reader will be seeking ways to contact and study the book with other readers. The Urantia Book Internet School (UBIS), with its previous 10 years of practice and experiential growth, is now launching its next phase of development with the purpose of meeting this on-coming need - the challenge of the rapidly growing worldwide readership.

The New UBIS Website

Thanks to a generous donor, the new UBIS website is now in operation for the April 2010 semester. Many new features were added in order for UBIS to keep pace with the ever-advancing communication technology. The current semester is now in progress, but the website is always available for viewing. To do so, visit new.ubis.urantia.org. Here you can read about the purpose and philosophy of UBIS, its organizational structure, the course format, and many more details of this unique educational outreach program.

Expanded Curriculum

A new and enhanced curriculum has been developed and will be initiated in September 2010. Designated the "Basic Curriculum Plan," each semester will include courses from the following four categories:

  1. A core curriculum course (Deity and Cosmology, Personalities, The Evolution of Man, and the Evolution of the God Concept).
  2. A course from Part IV.
  3. A theme or topical course (oft-requested).
  4. A course designed for new readers.

The Challenge Ahead

UBISis dedicated to doing its part in contributing to the needs of the on-coming growth of the worldwide readership. UBIS was founded 1) to provide an educational tool for study through a non-interpretive, non-invasive methodology and 2) to provide a vehicle for training teachers. Embodied in this dual purpose is, perhaps, its greatest service, that of advancing Spiritual Brotherhood on Urantia. In 2009 students from 15 countries participated in UBIS courses. Overall, in the last three years readers from 31 countries have enjoyed study and fellowship via the UBIS program. And what a great joy it is to meet and greet these readers who are so thrilled to experience this new-found fellowship!

Five to Seven Year Goals for UBIS

  • Implement and enhance the Core Curriculum Program.
  • Present a minimum of 21 courses annually.
  • Present courses in multiple languages.
  • Enlarge the teaching staff to at least 30 Teachers/ Facilitators.
  • Attract additional volunteers for the growing operational tasks of the UBIS program.

If this unique educational program appeals to you, please come and join us! If study and fellowship with readers from around the world attracts your interest, please come and help us! If the prospect of enhancing Spiritual Brotherhood on Urantia inspires you, please come and work with us to meet the challenge of the future!

UBIS 2010
Back row: Mike Wood, Jay Peregrine, Tom Brachna
Front row: Judy Coky, Pam Maunakea, Susan Flacks, Kristi Pielspick, Betty Zehr, Dorothy Elder, Ralph Zehr

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