Our Trip To Mexico City

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Jay Peregrine

By Jay Peregrine, Executive Director, Urantia Foundation, Illinois, USA

Mo Siegel and I traveled to Mexico City to meet and fellowship with Urantia Book readers on the third weekend of February, 2010. We had a wonderful time talking informally with members of Mexico’s association of the UAI.

Mo addressed the gathered group with an inspirational talk about Urantia Foundation's mission. I spoke of the Foundation's daily work, the ongoing projects, and the need for all the help and support we can get. We were both delighted by presentations given by Gaétan and Sheila. After the presentations, we answered questions from the attendees. A general feeling of camaraderie and brotherhood emerged.

Mo and I also met with L.P. and Alejandra Escudero Mass to discuss their revision of the 1993 Spanish translation. This professional revision has been on-going for several years. Our meeting helped us shape a timeline for incorporating their work into the published version of the 1993 text.

Mo and I plan to attend a conference in Mazatlan in May, sponsored by Grupo Orvonton. Urantia Foundation wants to reach out to all sincere readers with information on the work we are doing now and plan on doing in the the future.

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