Das Urantia Buch In Munich

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Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie
Reinhard Schneider, Ivalo-Sjölie and Werner Sutter
Reinhard Schneider, Ivalo-Sjölie and Werner Sutter

By Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie, Helsinki, Finland, and Werner Sutter, British Columbia, Canada

Because we had not yet visited southeast Germany with the German translation, Das Urantia Buch, Werner and I decided to attend the book fair in Munich from November 13 through November 15. As in the past with other book fairs that we have attended, it was a very rewarding experience. People stopped by our booth and asked many questions. Some visitors even bought a copy of the book.

The great novelty was the German audio version of The Urantia Book, which is the first translation to have one. It was produced by Reinhard Schneider, a Urantia Book reader from Switzerland. He produced it all on his own, and we are all thankful to him for making this great effort.

The next fair we are planning to attend will be in Zurich, Switzerland, in March, 2010.

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