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Jay Peregrine, Richard Doré and Colette Pelletier

By Jay Peregrine, Executive Director, Urantia Foundation, Illinois, USA

On August 20, 2009, Urantia Foundation's branch office in Québec, Canada, was closed after ten years of operations. It was a sad day for the office's co-managers, Richard Doré and Colette Pelletier, but they can look back with pride on a decade of hard work and unselfish service to the promotion of The Urantia Book and its teachings in Quebec. Most of the work that Richard and Colette did was for the benefit of the French-speaking community in Canada.

Besides managing sales and distribution in francophone Canada, they put on talks and seminars, hosted many gatherings, and attended numerous book fairs. They produced promotional items such as calendars to help boost sales and found and maintained distribution channels for the book.

In today's world the book industry is consolidating and emphasizing efficiency. In the past year the Foundation made the hard decision to centralize Canadian book distribution and to close our two Canadian offices (the Vancouver office was closed in January). We are sure, however, that Richard and Colette will continue to serve the Urantia Revelation in the new ways that will certainly open up to them in the future. We wish them well in their on-going adventure.

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