A Poem for Bert Cobb

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Tamara Strumfeld
Bert Cobb and Bob Solone
Bert Cobb & Bob Solone
Bert Cobb, his mule, and The Urantia Book
Bert Cobb, his mule, & The Urantia Book
Bert Cobb and Tamara Strumfeld
Bert Cobb & Tamara Strumfeld

By Tamara Strumfeld, Urantia Foundation, Illinois, USA

Long-time Urantia Book reader Roland 'Bert' Cobb of Jerome, Idaho, is a dear friend of mine and many of us. He graduated with grace and faith from this world during the early morning hours of September 12, 2009. Resting quietly in the house that he built, he spent his last days in the care of his three children. There will be a memorial service at noon on October 3 at 330 Canyon Crest Drive, Twin Falls, Idaho.

He sought to live by the profound wisdom and cosmic perspective gleaned from the teachings of The Urantia Book. He was a master electrician and volunteered his services at Urantia Foundation headquarters. His favorite pastime was packing his mules and horses into the beautiful high country of the Sawtooth National Forest, and two years ago, I was privileged to accompany him on such a trip. Bert was an ordained minister, a world traveler, a deer and elk hunter (who ate everything he killed), and a cowboy poet. His poem "Jesus Was a Working Man" was set to music and recorded as a country song.

A few weeks ago, a group of Urantia Book readers celebrated Jesus' birthday at Bert's homestead, which he called "A Place in Time and Space." At this gathering, during Bob Solone's musical performance, I recited a poem that I had composed for this occasion. Several of the attendees encouraged me to share it with all of you in this newsletter, and it is reproduced below.


I remember the moment when I met Bert
It was summer 2004
We were hosting a conference for the then IUA
I was running The Urantia Book store

Well, I saw a man that I hadn't met yet
He had a particular charm
So I went over and told him my name
He just wrapped me in his big lovin' arms

You see, Bert and I had heard of each other
Through friends that we both hold dear
And ever since that opening hug
Our friendship has been most sincere

It's only been five years since I've known him
But we sure have had our fun
Be it packing into the Little Wood
Or walking in the Buenos Aires sun

And then there's the weeks we spent in Chicago
Bert came the past two years
We decked the halls at 533
And spread lots of holiday cheer

There were plenty of visits to old Jerome
The place in time and space
Glorious walks in the Snake River Canyon
Bertie always kept a good pace

Delicious meals, laughter, all our good jokes
I could go on all day
Cause when it comes to my Bertito
There's just so much to say

But there were also times of silence
That Bertie and I did share
Times of loving worship
Meditation and prayer

We both do love the Father
At the center of all things
And we thank him for the peace of mind
That knowing him does bring

We also love this special time
Of the present revelation
It sure binds up the broken souls
With its spiritual medication

It sheds great light on what's to come
The plan of our Ascension
And how God draws us to his breast
Through spiritual tension

It also tells of worlds advanced
That in death there is no grieving
But I must honestly confess
I'm sad that Bert is leaving

How I'll miss our conversations
We had several times each week
Sharing details of our daily lives
And higher values that we seek

But there's also comfort in my heart
And joy for the occasion
Bertie's embarking upon an exciting trip
With a glorious destination

We'll all be going there as well
When our time arrives
We're headed to the Mansion Worlds
Ever beckoning on high

It's grand to think of you awakening
And getting settled down up there
Your soul housed in a morontia body
Withstanding plenty of wear and tear

So until our next reunion
The Master's peace be close to heart
I wish you Godspeed, my friend
I love you with all my heart

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