Holiday Party At 533 Diversey

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Bob Solone
Bob Solone

By Cece, Chicago, USA

A local tradition of the holiday open house continued in December 2008 with a party co-sponsored by Urantia Foundation, First Society for Readers of The Urantia Book, and the Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association. Several dozen readers and friends gathered on December 8 at 533 Diversey, Chicago for this annual event. Volunteers helped decorate the second floor meeting rooms and set up food and beverages.

After an opening social hour, David and Marilynn Kulieke presented a program, on behalf of First Society, entitled "The Christmas Analogy, or Avoiding Urantia Book Christmas Guilt, or You Can Have Your Tree and Eat It, Too." It featured a brief review of the "olden cultural watersheds" that feed our winter solstice holiday, segued into thoughts on how evolutionary religion is up stepped by revelation, and mentioned the great religious leaders and higher celebrations described in The Urantia Book.

Following the program, guests enjoyed a potluck buffet dinner. Entertainment was provided by pianist extraordinaire Bob Solone, featuring musical favorites, dancing, and carol-singing. It was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, to meet new people, and to kick off the holiday season.

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