The Urantia Book in Austria

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Werner Sutter & Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie

By Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie,Trustee, Helsinki, Finland & Werner Sutter, British Columbia, Canada

For the first time Das Urantia Buch was introduced in Austria. It has been available in Germany and Switzerland since the first printing became available in 2006. In both countries there are study groups and many interested readers.

However, since there were no readers in Austria, we decided to attend an "Esoteric Fair" in Vienna last October to introduce The Urantia Book. The second printing of the German translation was recently printed, and it looks really nice. The print is bigger, and the text is easier to read.

At the fair, we were pleased to notice that a constant flow of people stopped at our booth. Many of them sat down and discussed the teachings with Werner. Some of them had been reading Das Urantia Buch on the internet and were already familiar with the teachings.

Werner gave two lectures that were well attended, and the people participated by asking questions.

We sold the six books that we had with us and referred prospective readers to book stores where they could order the book. In this way the bookstores will find it profitable to have the book on their shelves!

We feel that it was a worthwhile effort, that study groups will start forming in the near future, and that Austria will join the other German-speaking countries.

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