Holiday Greetings From Urantia Foundation

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Mo Siegel

By Mo Siegel, President, Urantia Foundation

On behalf of the members of the Expanded Board of Urantia Foundation, I send you holiday greetings and good cheer. As we look back at 2008 and count our many blessings, your volunteer efforts, prayers, and support sit at the top of our gratitude list.

As Urantia Foundation builds for the future, we are deeply indebted to many people for their day to day excellent work. We are especially grateful for the team in Chicago, the Branch office teams worldwide, and the translators who work selflessly for this noble project.

Thank you to the donors who pay for book printings, book distribution, translations, website upgrades, building improvements, and the many other activities of Urantia Foundation. We could not do our work without your generosity.

To our fellow readers whose dedication to the Urantia Revelation remains steadfast, thank you for your loyalty. Knowing you are there invigorates us and gives us courage to press on. To those who lead study groups, attend study groups, or read on your own, thank you for caring. For those of you who send prayers our way, thank you; we need and appreciate them. To those of you who are associated with social groups and who valiantly live and share these teachings, we salute you and your noble efforts.

May our prayer this holiday season be to serve this revelation as our unseen friends desire that it be served. May this service result in more people of all races, religions, and nations experiencing the supreme satisfaction of knowing and loving our heavenly Father. Happy holidays to you all!

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