Seppo Kanerva Announces his Retirement

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Seppo KanervaBy The Board of Trustees and Associates Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Urantia Foundation informs you that Seppo Kanerva will resign from his trusteeship as well as his position as President. His decision takes effect after November 9, 2008. Seppo will continue his duties as Manager of Translations for the time being.

His words of resignation were, "I feel that I have given all that I was able to give to the revelation and the Foundation, and it is time now to retire into privacy. I have been involved since 1984 when I settled to translate the revelation into my native Finnish language. I have since then enjoyed no, or very little, private life. I will very soon reach the age of retirement (which is 65 years in my country). I want to enjoy the remaining years free from any duties and responsibilities."

The board is greatly appreciative of the work Seppo did as a Trustee. All the people who have worked with him have a memory of a man loyal, bright, humble, hard-working and gentle. His balanced leadership greatly helped Urantia Foundation in its task to promote the teachings of The Urantia Book all over the world and to improve relationships within The Urantia Book community.

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