Printing of El libro de Urantia European Edition

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Olga López

El libro de Urantia (Edición Europea)By Olga López, Associate Trustee, Urantia Foundation, Barcelona, Spain

Editor's Note: The revision of El libro de Urantia has been a high priority for Urantia Foundation. Dissemination efforts in Mexico, Central and South America, Spain, and other Spanish-speaking countries throughout the world have created an unprecedented interest in the Spanish translation. This interest has occasioned a pressing need to revise, update, and correct the 1993 text.

Three "teams" have been charged with making revisions to the 1993 text. One team, consisting of L.P. (Mexico) and Alejandra Escudero (Mexico) have been making corrections to the text. A second team, consisting of Víctor García-Bory (United States) and Carmelo Martínez (Spain) have been making revisions to the text. A third team, led by Antonio Moya, has completed a correction and revision of the text which will be printed as a "European edition" and will be marketed for readers in Spain.

The Board of Trustees of The Urantia Foundation decided to print a European edition of El libro de Urantia and to limit sales to Spain. This European edition is the culmination of eight years of work done by Antonio Moya of Seville, Spain, and supported by the Seville study group, the first and still-going (for almost 25 years) study group in Spain.

Antonio Moya and the Seville study group started reading the French translation of The Urantia Book in the 1980s because the Spanish translation was not yet published. For years the Sevillian readers kept the Urantia fires burning in Spain. They communicated with Urantia Foundation regularly and answered Spanish readers' requests. The readers in Spain will always be grateful to them for laying the foundations for a healthy and spirited Urantia movement in Spain.

Many of us in Spain believe that the Foundation's decision to print the European edition of El libro de Urantia will help to disseminate the book and its teachings in Spain.

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