Testimonials about The Urantia Book

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"Traditional religions left me wanting. God was either inconsistent or impersonal. Here, all the pieces fall into place. A God for everyone, a glorious plan for mankind. You will fall in love with the universe." ~ Quin Werthauer, Merrick, New York, USA

"I became a hospice volunteer as a result of The Urantia Book's emphasis on unselfish service. I cannot imagine doing this kind of work if I did not have the knowledge in this book as a guide. It is so reassuring to my patients when I tell them that there is life after death and what a beautiful experience it will be." ~ Kitty Traylor, Austin, Texas, USA

"The Urantia Book is intellectually satisfying, spiritually expansive and uplifting, and brilliantly written. All of my life experience validates the teachings. It has led me to find meaning, value and everlasting peace in my life." ~ K. Brendi Poppel, Santa Barbara, California, USA

"When I found The Urantia Book, my life was at a crossroad, religion, science, philosophy and all the new age literature could not fill the emptiness that was growing inside of me, my prayers were answered." ~ Gaétan G. Charland, Québec, Canada

"The Urantia Book makes it possible for me to live each day free from debilitating fear and uncertainty. I now know there is a divine order and plan for the universe and for my life, and I know I am constantly in the care of my guardian angels." ~ Katie Cousins, Eugene, Oregon, USA

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