Urantia Foundation Launches Matching Fundraising Campaign in December, 2007

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The leaning Carriage House

By Mo Siegel and Gard Jameson, Trustees

Six donors have agreed to match every dollar (up to $100,000) contributed to Urantia Foundation by December 31, 2007. The Urantia Book is the most important spiritual project on this planet in 2000 years and Urantia Foundation plays a central role in safely furthering this Epochal Revelation around the world. It takes human capital and financial resources to accomplish this important work. The following projects have been designated as high priority during 2008:

  • The Chinese and Japanese Translations need more funds. The Spanish Translation needs improvement. Approximate cost: $150,000.
  • The German, Lithuanian, and Spanish Hardcover translations need reprinting. Approximate cost: $55,000.00
  • The Carriage House (book storage) behind Urantia Foundation's Chicago Headquarters leans to one side and needs immediate repairs before it sinks. Approximate cost $48,000.
  • Urantia Foundation's website needs to be updated to be more user friendly, and education based. Approximate cost: $56,000.

The spiritually hungry people in our world cry out for the transformative truths contained within our beloved Urantia Book. Please contact Urantia Foundation for more information about the matching fundraising campaign at 773-525-3319.

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