Trustee Emerita Patricia Mundelius Leaves Expanded Board

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Carolyn Kendall
Pat Mundelius
Pat Mundelius

By Carolyn Kendall

At the August meeting of Urantia Foundation, Pat Mundelius was honored for her many years of service to Urantia Foundation. Pat's long-time friend Carolyn Kendall recalls her contributions.

Pat has been around the Urantia Revelation all her life. The rare person who was "born into it," she was the granddaughter of Drs. Lena and William S. Sadler, in whose home and office at 533 Diversey, Chicago, the Papers developed. She grew up in the same building with her parents, Leone and William S. Sadler Jr., who was the principle author of the Urantia Brotherhood's Constitution. Her dad was also its first President, as well as Vice-President of Urantia Foundation. Although too young to remember the early days, she came of age as The Urantia Book was being published.

Patricia read the book while still a young woman, but education, marriage, family, and the building of an insurance business with husband Manfred in California precluded active involvement with the Urantia organizations until later in life.

When three trustees left the Board precipitously in 1989, she was called upon by the remaining two trustees to fill one of the vacant spots in 1990. At the time, the Board was grappling a number of serious issues. At the time, the Board was grappling with a number of serious issues. Pat assumed the presidency in 1992. An era of less restrictive sales and pricing policies began, and more translations were initiated. An improvement in relations with long time readers occurred.

Pat left the Board in 1997, but in 2003 agreed to return as Trustee Emerita. Her associates honored her and a group of lifelong Chicago area friends held a social gathering to wish her Godspeed as she looks toward the last chapter of her fascinating life.

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