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Patricia Mundelius

By Patricia Mundelius

In this article – Patricia Mundelius – past President of Urantia Foundation, now Trustee Emerita- shares her experiences and hopes for the many "personal trustees" who cherish The Urantia Book.

I became a Trustee for Urantia Foundation in 1990, but in a personal sense, I feel that I became a Trustee long ago when I began reading and loving the Urantia Papers. I think all of us who cherish The Urantia Book are personal trustees. It is up to all of us to make sure that no harm comes to this wonderful revelation and that we do what we are able to do to spread this sublime message. Our activities are, of course, as varied as we are. As personal messengers, we are free to follow our hearts. And as individuals, there has been much success spreading the teachings. It is a joy for all of us to hear these inspiring stories.

However, when one becomes a trustee with a capital "T", I think a different standard does apply. The Declaration of Trust defines the activities of the Trustees clearly. These include formal responsibility for publishing the book while protecting the integrity of the text and spreading the teachings all over the world in a way that is appropriate for each country. The Trustees are ever aware that they are not only responsible to the current generation of readers and nonreaders but also to the generations to come. the fifth epochal revelation will bring light for centuries. The Trustees are ever mindful of their duty to help, not harm or hinder the spread of the Revelation.

Frankly, it's not easy being a Trustee and it never has been, even in the very beginning. There have always been challenges and there always will be. This is serious business. The weight of responsibility slows us down, makes us cautious, and decisions take much time. There have been conflicts among some of the Trustees. There have been misunderstandings and many times communications from the Foundation have been slow in coming. Silence can be easily misinterpreted. And yes, mistakes have been made. Sometimes, I wish everyone could walk in the Trustees' moccasins for a time…you might send us a bunch of flowers.

Perhaps many people have begun wearing the Trustees shoes, in spirit, for I feel a new breeze of understanding among the various reader groups. There is wonderful cooperation going on between the social groups as well as between the Foundation and these groups. I feel much love and understanding generated because of shared activities. You just can't help loving the folks with whom you work. We are on the right track in 2007. Let's keep going in this direction.

When I look back on the 1990's when I was President of the Trustees and now in the 2000's as a Trustee Emerita, I assure you that we are truly on the right track again. It has stopped raining and the sun is out. The present Trustees respect and love each other. They are deeply appreciative of all those people who have supported the Foundation during the less than sunny times. They are also delighted to work with all those who wish to till the Father's garden. Our universe is a friendly place and we are the vanguard for the fifth epochal revelation. What a marvelous time to be alive!

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