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Tamara Wood
Orlando and Patsue Ashman
Orlando and Patsue Ashman

By Tamara Wood, Sales Manager for Urantia Foundation

While attending the annual international book fair in Guadalajara, Mexico, last November, I quickly discovered how popular El libro de Urantia is among Spanish-speaking distributors. One distributor in particular caught my attention with his enthusiastic long-term vision of creating solid availability of the book in stores throughout a large territory. After extensive discussions, we signed a contract to distribute the book via Tarots del Mundo in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Uruguay.

Orlando Ashman and his wife Patsue are dedicated to developing the market for The Urantia Book with reliable, accountable, and client-oriented business practices. This approach is both refreshing and promising given the many difficulties Urantia Foundation has experienced in distributing the book in Latin America. As the market expands, we look forward to having a strong distribution system so that all who search for The Urantia Book can find it.

El libro de Urantia is available in Mexico, and anyone who wants/needs books in Orlando's territory may contact him. The contact details are:
[email protected]
Phone: +52 (55) 1998 3301

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