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Seppo Kanerva

By Seppo Kanerva (President, Urantia Foundation)

This electronic newsletter, Urantia Foundation's News Online, is a new opening and a novel approach in Urantia Foundation's efforts to communicate with the reader community and to inform about our new and ongoing projects. Our plan is that, through this modern communication facility we shall on a quarterly basis be keeping you updated about the latest important developments. Urantia Foundation's News Online will be provided in English, but thanks to the services of volunteers we are in a position to send it also in Spanish to Spanish-speaking readers. Furthermore, some of our branch offices are willing to translate Urantia Foundation's News Online into their respective native languages.

For many years it was necessary to drastically cut the expenses of the Foundation, be more frugal than ever, and just make sure that we can sustain the core functions of our organization. Because paper newsletters are expensive to print and even more costly to mail, we had to stop publishing the traditional Urantian News altogether, at least for the time being, and just provide, once a year, an Annual Report on our activities. The outcome of these measures was predictable: our communications with the readership and the Urantia community suffered. Along with Urantia Foundation's News Online, we are now working harder to repair our shortcomings in our public relations.

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