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Chris Wood

by Chris Wood

What is this fifth epochal revelation? the fifth epochal revelation is not merely the words captured on the pages of the book we all read. It is the spiritual awaking which guides our lives and entices others to follow where we lead. A good history text book, even the best book on the subject, never claims to contain all of history. Nor is all spiritual wisdom contained in our textbook. A good history professor knows that not all of her students will become professional historians. Her goal is give her students an introduction to her craft: some basic guide for acquiring and discerning wisdom which her students can incorporate into their lives. Likewise, we know not everyone will become dedicated students of The rantia Book. Still, our goal is to help guide others toward a greater perspective of the universe, toward our Father.

Much of our teaching and leading, learning and following center around our individual lives in our families and communities. Sometimes, we come together as a greater community to accomplish some greater goals, such as: publishing The Urantia Book, translating the book into the many languages of our planet, and opening channels of distribution throughout world. Our greatest tool for accomplishing these goals has been Urantia Foundation. The vast majority of work accomplished by Urantia Book readers has been done by volunteers. At the community level, volunteers organize and host study groups, they place books in libraries and universities, and they correspond with new readers and readers in isolation. At a higher level, volunteer teams have translated the book in French, Finnish, Spanish, Korean, Italian, German, Dutch, and Portuguese. All of trustees, associate trustees, and trustee emeriti serve without compensation. Volunteers run the Urantia Book Internet School, serve in reader associations, and organize conferences.

There is always more work to be done. At all levels of involvement, there is a need for more heads, more hands, and fresh support. As a growing discussion emerges as to what we wish to do with the next fifty years, it is important to remember that we are charged to do the work. The higher we set our goals, the more that will be expected from us. In the universe ascension plan, accomplishment of one task does not lead to the end of duty; instead the successful completion of one task leads to more tasks being entrusted to our care. Urantia is the first training ground for our future ascension lives. This world is the first step; this life IS the ascension career. We are charged to give a helping hand of support to those carrying the load, and to take up whatever load we can handle. We are always to be asking, 'What next?'

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