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This fall, the Urantia Book Internet School is testing a new web-based school center to replace many of the functions the old e-mail centered method. For the time being this will be in for the English classes only. Other classes will continue in the older format.

The test consists of a full semester class conducted by the test team, with different members filling the various roles of teacher and student. Our programmer has been very accommodating in “tweaking” the functionality of the site, and the net results are, at this point, exciting. The new site will centralize the classes, lower the burden on the class administrators, and allow for graphics and audio clips to be introduced to course content and teachings.

For six years, the UBIS has served readers around the world by offering courses in four languages – English, French, Spanish, and Finnish.. Last year, 250 students enrolled from nine different countries, studying together in classes that averaged around sixteen students per course.

Courses will resume on the new website in January, 2006. Look for course listings for the spring semester in December on Urantia Book Internet School’s website: https://new.ubis.urantia.org/

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