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A: Translations in Final Stages

Italian. Currently, a team is formatting the web version of Il Libro di Urantia, and the money for the first printing has been raised. The final formatting work of the title pages and dust jacket will be the next step. Efforts to find proper distribution channels in Italy also need to be initiated.

Portuguese. The Portuguese translation, O Livro de Urântia, has been formatted and the completed work is currently being checked by some members of the Brazilian UAI chapter. Unfortunately quite a few mistakes and inconsistencies in the translation are being found by this team which could result in further delay of the actual printing. The Brazilian UAI has also been engaged in raising funds for the first printing, but there is not yet sufficiently money. Efforts to establish the distribution channels in Brazil and Portugal need to be launched.

German. The formatting and designing of the title pages and the dust jacket of the German Das Urantia Buch has been completed, and the new edition of Das Urantia Buch will arrive in Chicago in early December. Funds for the first printing have been generously provided by two readers who have moved to Germany especially to help with the dissemination of the book and its teachings. Efforts to establish proper distribution channels in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland need to be effected.

B: Nearly Completed First Drafts

Swedish. Final revisions and refinements of the Swedish Urantia-boken are progressing acceptably. Altogether, 99 papers stand as revised on 30 September 2005. A new translator from Sweden proper has volunteered her services in the refinement undertaking. This means that currently the team consists of five members.

Rumanian. Cartea Urantia was copyrighted and published in CD format in late September 2004. The CD is a published second draft and does not represent the final wording of the translation. The team is engaged in refining their work.

Estonian. As concerns the final revisions and refinements of Urantia Raamat there remain still some 25 papers to do. The team plans to go into the final proofing and formatting in 2006.

C: Works in Progress

Farsi. The number of completed papers is currently 45. These papers include 1, 2, 43, 48 through 81, 82, 93, 95, and 96. The team is currently working on papers 3 through 6, 94, and 119.

Japanese. Our Japanese translator has by now completed Papers 120 through 196, and has gone into Part II of the book. During the first three quarters of 2005 she has submitted 19 papers: 57 through 75.

Chinese. The Chinese team continues to revise the work they have performed so far. In August 2004, the team sent in their revision of Papers 81 through 100 and in July 2005 a revision of Papers 101 through 119. The team has translated the first drafts of Parts II, III, and IV. The team has now begun their work on papers 1 through 16.

Bulgarian. The Bulgarian translator has completed Part II during the second quarter of 2004, and is constantly looking for people who could be qualified to help him.

Indonesian. No tangible progress during 2005, but the translator is actively involved in Internet discussion groups and been at least somewhat successful in creating interest in the revealed teachings.

Polish. The Polish team has provided a five-paper sample of their final work for an assessment in February 2005. The submitted papers have been assessed, and a third opinion is expected from a volunteer who offered his services only a couple of weeks ago. He and his fiancée report that they could, in due time, help us also in establishing distribution channels in Poland.

Greek. The Greek translation of the first draft level was completed in May 2001. The head of the Greek team has now secured the help of two persons, one of them is a university professor in the Greek language and a theologian, the other is an expert in Biblical texts and is helping the team in her digging up the Biblical quotes used in the revelation. The team has now completed 44 papers.

Czech. A Czech translation project was launched in January 2004. The team have submitted their first drafts covering the Foreword and papers 1 through 12.

Spanish Revision. A team of revisers met the Board during the April quarterly meeting. The team was granted three months to come up with a sample revision, which has been extended until the end of 2005.

D: New Projects

Urdu. Thanks to the efforts of Gard Jameson, a Pakistani lady has completed her sample translation of five papers into the Urdu language. We expect to receive the files any time soon.

Hebrew. A reader has submitted a Hebrew translation of the Foreword. This sample was given a good assessment by a Jewish reader so consequently the translator is being encouraged to continue and has been mailed the pertinent agreement documents.

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