Update on Spanish Translation Gift Books

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The Foundation has made considerable progress in its project of placing over 4,500 copies of the Spanish translation of The Urantia Book in libraries and other key centers of learning in Latin America. (These are books that did not meet required quality standards for retail sale.) As we have previously reported, coordinating this effort has been an enormous endeavor. Urantia Foundation staff, Foundation Representatives, and nearly fifty volunteers in Mexico and Central and South American countries have been working on this project.

As of July a total of 2,500 copies of the Spanish translation have been placed in libraries, universities, colleges, and seminaries. Seven hundred books have been placed in Mexico, 500 in Argentina, 420 in Colombia, 150 in Bolivia, 100 in Uruguay, 130 in Paraguay, 300 in Peru, and 200 in Ecuador.

The members of the Northern Light Urantia Association of Canada (NLUAC) decided to join in sponsoring the project, and we would especially like to thank them. They have been raising funds on an ongoing basis and passing them along to Urantia Foundation, a crucial role that has helped keep the project rolling.

Funds are still urgently needed from other friends of Urantia Foundation and believers in the teachings. The books are in place in yet other countries in Central and South America and are ready to be distributed. Our volunteers are lined up and ready to go, and the Foundation's field representative is continuing his successful visits to the main centers of learning.

We hope you will join us in ensuring that this project succeeds in sowing seeds of the revelation throughout Latin America. You can send your contributions directly to Urantia Foundation in Chicago or, if you live in Canada, directly to NLUAC at 12 Burley Avenue, Toronto, ON Canada M4K 3Z6, phone: 416-482-7115, website: www.ganid.org. (Donations that Canadian citizens make to the NLUAC are tax deductible in Canada. Be sure to note that you are contributing to the Spanish Translation Gift Book Program.)

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