Triennial Elections - Seppo Kanerva, Georges Michelson-Dupont, Mo Siegel, Gard Jameson

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Changing of the Guard
Outgoing Foundation President K. Richard Keeler (right)
and incoming President Seppo Kanerva

Every three years the Board of Trustees elects its officers. In April Trustee Seppo Kanerva was elected as the Foundation's new President, and Georges Michelson-Dupont was re-elected as Vice President. In addition, Mo Siegel and Gard Jameson were re-elected as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Richard Keeler, the outgoing President, believed he would serve the Foundation best by standing aside and allowing another Trustee to assume the duties of President. He declined to accept a nomination for re-election but remains on the Board as an active and vigorous Trustee.

Urantia Foundation is grateful to Richard for his leadership, strength, loyalty, and dedication that have helped keep the Foundation on its steady course, and we welcome Seppo as he accepts new challenges and duties.

Respite and Renewal

Richard Keeler became the Foundation's President in 1997. During his six years of leadership there have been many notable accomplishments, including a significant increase in the number of translations of The Urantia Book and development of an international network that supports publishing, distribution, and dissemination in many countries. Richard also sought understanding and reconciliation among different groups of Urantia Book readers, and he made many trips to show the Foundation's interest in activities far and near. As the Foundation's translation manager and former manager of representatives around the world, Seppo Kanerva made important contributions to producing translations and encouraging broad international interest in the teachings. Like Richard, he is committed to promoting good will among readers and healing old wounds.

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