Thanks to the Quiet Achievers

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Volunteers give hours and hours of their time and energy to help Urantia Foundation with a myriad of tasks. Much of the Foundation's work depends on their efforts and could not be achieved any other way. The managers of our branch offices around the world, Foundation Representatives, and almost all active translators of The Urantia Book provide their services free of charge. Other volunteers help us with such laborious tasks as proofreading The Urantia Book before a print run, preparing mailings, and translating newsletters and other publications. Yet other skilled volunteers carry out various tasks associated with printing, translating, distributing, and protecting The Urantia Book.

These people work tirelessly and believe that the satisfaction of service is its own reward. Nevertheless, we would like to let them know how much we appreciate their work and dedication and rely on their quiet achievements. As Jesus told the seventy during their ordination: “The harvest is indeed plenteous, but the laborers are few; therefore I exhort all of you to pray that the Lord of the harvest will send still other laborers into his haroest.” (p.1800, par. 5) We too pray for additional laborers since much remains to be done.


We have an increasing need for multi-lingual volunteers who can proofread the translations before they are printed and help translate and proofread other texts.

Many volunteers have limited financial resources and consider their voluntary work as a donation “in kind.” In practice, these contributions are just as valuable and necessary as financial assistance. If any of you who are reading this are willing to help, please let us know that you would like to serve the revelation in active partnership with us.

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