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It predates the first printing of The Urantia Book by nearly half a century. It witnessed the formative Forum days. It raised families and organizations. And in case you are wondering, we are of course referring to Urantia Foundation's historic headquarters at 533 West Diversey Parkway in Lincoln Park, a neighborhood along Lake Michigan that is just north of downtown Chicago.

The three-story, gray stone building was constructed in 1904 and has served as the home base for Urantia activities ever since the papers first began to be received. The Viennese architects Fromann and Jebsen designed 533 in the high Art-Nouveau style. They filled it with stained glass windows, art glass light fixtures, and ornate wood carving, then capped it off by what one architectural guide calls “the best balcony on the north side of Chicago.”

Maintenance and conservation are constantly required for this masterpiece of architectural design. In recent years, generous volunteers have contributed their time and energy to help Urantia Foundation keep 533 in reasonable shape and remain a good neighbor in our local community. We are grateful to everyone whose efforts have extended from planting the flowerbeds in the spring and mundane painting and plumbing to such detailed and specialized endeavors as restoring stained glass windows.

As 533 moves into its second century, the work to maintain it may shift from simple repair to more ambitious projects that will be needed to maintain structural integrity and the architectural harmony that sets it apart from its immediate surroundings. After all, 533 is really a silent and unheralded partner in our efforts to keep The Urantia Book available and promote the teachings, while also pursuing the other goals and objectives outlined in the Declaration of Trust Creating Urantia Foundation. The building provides space for meetings and for people from all over the world to gather. It is literally the focal point for all the Foundation's efforts. And like all other important members of our team, 533 needs our support!

Visitors are always welcome at 533, and as readers descend on Chicago for the International Urantia Association's biennial conference in late July, Urantia Foundation will offer everyone who wishes an opportunity to tour 533 and get a good look at the center of Urantia Foundation's worldwide activities. Whether or not you are able to visit this summer, Urantia Foundation's Building Program aims to keep the doors open for visitors now and in the years to come.

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