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In the last Newsflash we announced that the Trustees of Urantia Foundation had appointed Carolyn Kendall, Nancy Shaffer, and Kathleen Swadling as Associate Trustees, in order to draw on additional resources of experience and wisdom as they make decisions. Since then the Trustees have also appointed Jane Ploetz, a longtime reader and supporter from San Diego, California, as an Associate Trustee. Jane and her husband John have long hosted a study group in their home, and for many years Jane has been active in International Urantia Association.

In addition, the Trustees have invited two former Trustees, Patricia Mundelius and Neal Waldrop, to serve as Trustees Emeriti. Like the Associate Trustees, Trustees Emeriti are consulted on many important issues and participate in periodic meetings of the Board of Trustees but are not entitled to vote.

As the Urantia revelation expands across the globe, the responsibilities of the Trustees and the Foundation's office staff are increasing. Our new team of advisors has brought diverse perspectives and is sharing some of the work.

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