Which “Urantia Book” Will Future Readers Have?

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Readers play a vital role in ensuring that the authentic Urantia Book remains readily available in bookstores. By purchasing The Urantia Book locally, you encourage bookstores to stock the book so that it will be available for discovery by the next spiritual explorer and truth seeker!

Please be aware that some stores have replaced the original Urantia Book with substitutes published by other publishers. Because bookstores will carry whatever sells the best, it remains to be seen what will be available on shelves 100 years from now under the title The Urantia Book. Some popularized version may supplant the original, inviolate text. By purchasing only the original, identified with the Concentric-Circles Symbol, you can help ensure that it will not be left to market forces to determine the content of The Urantia Book available to the world in the years to come. Insist on editions published by Urantia Foundation, the original and authorized publisher commtted to safeguarding the inviolate text for future generations.

If your local bookstore does not already carry The Urantia Book, they can order it through most major book distributors or directly from Urantia Foundation, referencing the ISBN Numbers found on the attached order form.

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